June 12, 2009

full [bloom]

What an awesome family! I was lucky enough to capture memories with this family in the fall (HERE) and enjoyed working with them for a second time just recently. With the cherry trees out in full bloom in Stanley Park it was a perfect backdrop for some family photos... and yes, I do make my clients climb trees!

The last shot is probably my favourite from the day. Near the end of the session the sweet little boy had just about had enough of me and my camera. He was tired and had a terrible sore mouth from teething, so his mom sat him down on the blanket and gave him a nice soft fruit bar to sooth his gums with. Obviously the fruit bar was a perfect choice because he was so comforted and relieved by the chewing that he started to fall asleep sitting up. It totally was adorable and also the perfect moment for his big sister to give him a kiss. Love it!

Thanks for another great photography session Alisha and Mat. I can't wait to work with you again one day.

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Jeanette said...

absolutely gorgeous set!! Love the ones with the little girl flying through the air :) It looks like it was all just a lot of fun