March 31, 2010

fresh [sweetness]

Capturing the special moments of a new baby's life is a great honour for me. The fresh, sweetness of a new baby is something I cannot get enough of. Sigh. Isn't this little guy wonderful???

March 16, 2010

[christmas] in march

The other day one of my clients encouraged me to stop apologizing on my blog for being so behind on my posts, but this one definitely requires some sort of explanation for its lateness. When a Santa hat appears on a baby photo in March you can get a sense of just how behind I really am. Sorry. I contemplated waiting until next December to post these, but I really just couldn't wait that long to show you this unbelievably adorable baby. His wonderfully chubby arms and legs are the best!

I think six months is my new absolute favourite age to photograph babies. This little guy could not have been more perfect. At six months he was old enough to be alert and aware of the camera, but still young enough to not yet be crawling which equates to a bright, adorable baby who can't escape the paparazzi. Perfect! See for yourself...

March 14, 2010

all [smiles]

I know I say it all the time, but I just love the work that I do. It's always such a pleasure to meet new families and capture the love they have for each other. My work is especially enjoyable when they're as fun and full of smiles as this family was way back in November...