October 29, 2008

[boz] family fun

What a terrific day to take photos of a terrific family. Autumn was showing all it's glorious colours and the Boz family was up for loads of fun. Greg and Angie are an amazing couple who I have known for many years, so it was a delight to have an extended visit with them while snapping off some shots. When I'm around the Boz family I take notes on what to do in my own relationships. They are so loving with each other that it's a absolute pleasure to be around them.

Check out the photos and you'll see what I mean. All the hand-holding, closeness, hugs and giggles were completely unprompted and totally natural. Talk about an easy shoot!

Thanks Boz family for an amazing day (and for the yummy waffles)! Much love, C.

I especially love these last two, with Louisa breaking out her fierce America's Next Top Model looks. Doesn't her beauty just shine from within? You go girl!

October 19, 2008

kissable [frances]

I was thrilled when my cherry-tree-swinging friend Diana announced the arrival of their dear daughter Frances. I think I ran out the door with my camera before she even had the chance to officially invite me over because if little Frankie's big brother George was any indication, she was sure to be gorgeous.

And of course, Frances did not disappoint. Isn't she terrific?

Congratulations Diana and Josh. I'm so happy for you both. I can't wait for our upcoming family shoot so I can get all four of you together in photos. Much love to you both!

Plus one bonus shot of Frankie's big brother George (I couldn't resist):

cuter than ever [lauren]

Remember angelic Lauren? Last week I had the opportunity to stop by Lisa and Matt's and capture a few shots that I missed the first time around. It was fun to see how much Lauren has grown in just two months (and no surprise that she was cuter than ever). Cute cute cute. Thanks Lisa!

October 9, 2008

sweet [ginger]

Remember lovely Nicole and her fabulous family? Well, Nicole had her baby and I was lucky enough to take some photos. Hooray for babies!

The day before we flew out for our Hungarian vacation I stopped by for a shoot with sweet little Ginger. It was a beautiful day with nice hot sun pouring in the windows to keep Ginger warm and snugly and content while at the same time providing me with oooodles of natural light. Hooray for natural light! Despite my mind being in ten places at once (what with the impending trip to Europe) I still managed to capture a bunch of happy memories and had fun doing it.

Thank you to Nicole and Ian for taking a chance on a new photographer. I'm so thrilled to have met you and your gorgeous girls.

Do any of you know sign language? I think Ginger is trying to tell us something...

October 8, 2008

angelic [lauren]

What can I say? I'm lucky to know some terrific people and this family is no exception. Lisa and Matt were one of the first to encourage me in my new photography business and have been a terrific support. What an honour to have the opportunity to record the early moments of their sweet daughter Lauren's life. Isn't she angelic in that basket full of fur? And big sister Chloe sure was sweet with little Lauren.

A huge thank you to Matt and Lisa for cheering me on in my new business. I'm very grateful. Oh, and thanks for the perfect cup of tea too!

I think it's time to wrap things up... Lauren has had enough!

cuddly [abrielle]

How exciting! My first newborn shoot. I think I'm beginning to sound like a broken record player, but this shoot was so much fun. I just love capturing images with my camera. Especially when the subject is a cute and cuddly little baby girl like Abbey. Aren't babies the best?

I just adore happy accidents too. Abrielle's mama Ginger hadn't planned on being in the shoot, but her blue t-shirt made it into a few of the shots. I love how some of the photos turned out with little hints of blue in them. And how about Ginger's dragonfly tattoo? This is one cool mama.

Thanks to Daryn and Ginger for allowing me to take photos of your little beauty!

October 6, 2008

lovely [nicole] & her fabulous family

As you can see from the gorgeous sunny summer weather, I'm a little slow to finish these photos. Eeeek! Is it October already? What a thrill to finally post them.

Nicole is one of those women who makes pregnancy look amazing. Call me green with envy. Isn't she stunning? And speaking of green - I just loved Nicole's bright green top and her fabulous shoes too. What a fun day we had - especially when Nicole's darling daughter and sweet husband joined in on the shoot. Nothing like a few jelly beans to make things go smoothly...

Nicole, thank you for allowing me to capture the joy of this special time in your life!