April 24, 2009

beyond [adorable]

I loved this session! Not only was this little girl (as you'll see) beyond adorable but, after a few shots at the client's home, we moved to a location that I have been wanting to shoot at since starting my photography business. For whatever reason, I have never made it out to Whytecliff Park with a client before, so when mom Louanne suggested it I was thrilled. It's a bit of a drive to get there but it was totally worth it.

I have to admit, I was also a little intimated at the beginning of this session because the dad, Patrick, is an avid photographer, but he could not have been less intimidating about the whole thing. In the end I really enjoyed collaborating with Patrick on set-up ideas and loved the suggestions he brought to the table. It was such great fun that I can't wait to work with this family again.

Thank you for the terrific day Louanne and Patrick. And now for some of this beyond adorableness I was talking about...

April 20, 2009

happy birthday [twins]

I've said it before and I'll say it again... I think children's birthday parties are an excellent occasion to hire a professional photographer. You're renting the bouncy castle, you're inviting all your friends and family over, you're planning activities and you're baking a cake (or at least buying one), so why not let me capture all the excitement with photographs while you enjoy the party?

When I had a photography session with THIS amazing family last fall, the mama to these adorable twins was smart enough to book me in advance for their birthday party a few weeks ago. It was a terrific day and I'm so glad I was able to take care of documenting everything while Jacki & Warren took care of hosting the wonderful party.

Which reminds me, be sure to contact me well in advance if you're thinking of hiring me for your next event. I'm taking on a limited number of sessions this summer and already have some family events scheduled so my calendar is filling quickly. You can always find out my current availability by clicking the "Contact" link under my header at the top of the page.

And while I'm at it with the housekeeping, thank you to all of my wonderful new clients who booked at my promotional rate. I'm almost finished all the sessions at that price and all new bookings will be at my new rate. You can find all the details about my new pricing by clicking the "Rates" link above.

Finally, exciting developments... I will be photographing two weddings in the next couple of months and I'm really looking forward to developing my porfolio in that area. If you know anybody getting married in the late summer or fall, please let them know I'm available for wedding photography. My rates will be highly negotiable and reasonable and I'll have two weddings under my belt by then. I would love to hear from any brides (or grooms!) who are interested in booking a keen and enthusiastic photographer who LOVES what she does and will put everything into documenting their amazing day. As an incentive, I'm offering a reduced rate engagement session so you can test drive my photography before hiring me for the big day. Click HERE to send me an email to spilledmilk(at)shaw.ca and we can discuss the details.

Anyway, thanks to Jacki and Warren for hiring me again to take photos for your amazing family (and sorry for hijacking your post so I could make a few announcements). I can't wait to work with you again, or at least run into you in the village! xo c

And now for the photos... aren't these two adorable?!?!

April 18, 2009

[spectacular] little man

I am so excited about my photography business. Everything is going really well and I'm busy busy busy! It's such a thrill to get to do what I love and have such a positive response to my work.

This family is SO nice and gorgeous (as you'll see below) and I really enjoyed working with them for a second time. HERE they are on our first session. You'll notice their family has grown by one spectacular little man. Of course, the new baby has some big shoes to fill in the cuteness department because his big brother is pretty adorable too!

I should also note that the gorgeous mama below, Joanne, is a Registered Massage Therapist specializing in pre- and post-natal care. She's on mat leave right now, but be sure to look her up in 2010 if you're in need of some massage therapy. You can find her at Ocean Wellness on the North Shore.

Joanne and Jeff, congratulations on the addition of your second beautiful son. I'm so happy for you and look forward to working with you again in the future!

April 12, 2009

precious [doll]

I just love newborn sessions, especially when the baby is such a precious doll like this little girl. Isn't she just the sweetest thing ever? I'm sure my husband absolutely hates it when I come home after a morning with a newborn like this one. I'm all gushy and cooing about babies and he's all rolling his eyes and suggesting that maybe I stick with photographing, you know, older families...

Poor guy.

Thanks for the wonderful session Neelu and David. Your daughter is perfect, wonderful and oh-so sweet. *Sigh*

April 9, 2009

nothing short of [wonderful]

This day was nothing short of wonderful.

I must admit I was excited about this session from the minute we booked it because my "client", Stacy, is an old friend. She's a gorgeous, fun girl and I knew the familiarity I had with Stacy would really translate into the photos, but what I wasn't expecting was for Stacy's family to be as much fun as she is! It just so happened that we scheduled our session for a weekend when Stacy's whole family was in town for her dad's birthday, which was perfect because they are an incredible bunch of people. I don't think I have even one photo of Stacy's mom when she is not laughing or smiling or hugging someone. Everyone was so full of love and joy that I was incredibly inspired to look through the lens that day.

Have a peak at the photos and I think you'll see what I mean...

Thank you Stacy & Kevin!! What an amazing family you have.