August 23, 2009

a pop of [pink]

What a great day we had for this session! It was mild and beautiful with just enough cloud cover to tame the bright sky. And I couldn't have asked for anything more when this family showed up in perfect colours for the beachy setting. I absolutely love the way bright pink pops on a backdrop of grey stones and sand.

I should also mention how wonderful these two little girls were. The older of the two is always so sweet and full of smiles that I could just hug her like crazy. And I can't believe how much the baby has grown since I last photographed her as a newborn. What a little sweetheart.

Thanks Andrea and Alan. Your girls are absolutely precious and it was a pleasure working with you again. It's always so relaxed and easy to capture great images of your family. I can't wait for our next session!

August 19, 2009

a patch of [green] grass

To those of you following my blog, I promise you I did not fall into a deep, dark hole! Even with the small bit of vacation that I carved out for myself this summer, I'm still insanely busy with my photography. Not that I'm complaining, because I get to spend time with wonderful families like this one.

It was a little chilly for this session, but we made the most of it and found a pretty little spot in the park to take some photos. The day was overcast, but bright, which is actually my favourite of all shooting conditions. No pesky harsh sunshine and strong shadows to deal with, just nice, even light. Add that to a pretty patch of bright green grass and you have the recipe for some wonderful family photos.

Thanks for the great day Stephanie and Todd. You and your boys were a ton of fun!

August 3, 2009

fun [festivities]

I have to admit I was a little a lot nervous about shooting this birthday party. The gorgeous birthday girl's dad, Hamid Attie, is a very successful photographer here in Vancouver and has been an amazingly kind mentor to me ever since I first met him, so you can imagine how much I wanted to impress him!

Luckily, it was the perfect birthday party, with fun games, thoughtful decorations and, of course, lots of giggling kids and laughing adults - easy work for a photographer! The food was especially delicious... no wonder since Hamid's wife is in the catering biz. Oh, and did I mention that one of Hamid's clients is none other than the legendary chocolatier Thomas Haas, so the birthday girl's birthday cake masterpiece was made by Thomas himself?! Yuuuuummmmmmy. I had to stop myself at only one piece!

To Hamid and Rachel, thanks again for inviting me into your home for such a special occasion. I had a terrific time. c

And I couldn't resist including a photo of these yummy yummy yummy root chips. I think I ate about 100 of these delicious treats!