September 20, 2009

[awesome] with a high-pitched squeal

It's late and I should really be in bed, but this impulse struck me that I didn't want to go another day without making time to post these photos. This session was, in one word, AWESOME. Yes, I used all caps. Yes, I am yelling. It was that AWESOME. I have been waiting FOR-EVAH to do a session at Granville Island and it finally happened with this family. It turns out that heading to Granville Island for breakfast on Sunday mornings is somewhat of a family tradition so when I suggested the oh-so-fun-and-colourful location they were totally game. (Insert high-pitched squeal here.)

And let me tell you, the whole session did not disappoint. Not only was Granville Island as great as I had expected it to be, but the family was nicer and more terrific than I could have hoped for. I'll let the photos do the talking and you'll see what I mean... gorgeous kids, eh?

(btw - I was not playing favourites by featuring this gorgeous little girl in almost every photo here, it's just that her sweet little brother got tuckered out and crashed in his stroller for half the session. But don't worry, check the last shot for his gorgeous blue eyes!)

Thanks for the great session Emily and Trevor, you guys were AWESOME!

September 12, 2009

giddy up [cowgirl]

I can't believe that THIS little sweetheart is already one year old! I loved working with her family on our first session together last Spring and was delighted when they called me to document her first birthday. It was a great day at Maplewood Farm with a fun cowboy theme, great friends & family, yummy treats and of course, the farm itself, which was fun for all the guest to enjoy.

Thanks for the great day Patrick and Louanne. I can't wait to see you again soon for your holiday photos.

Yee Haw!