June 3, 2009

[pure] essence

Wow. Two posts in one week. I am really motoring now! I've finally got my computer fixed and running smoothly so I'm happy to report that I'm almost completely caught up on my sessions. Woot! Just a few more to deliver and I can kick back and enjoy the summer. But oh wait... I still have sessions booked for every weekend and a couple of weddings to look forward to shooting so it should be a very busy summer for me!

In case you live in the Vancouver area and know someone who is dragging their feet about getting photos done (maybe it's you?), have them call me right away because I'm already fully booked through the middle of August. Now is the time to schedule a session if you want family photos made while the weather is still nice. The same goes for weddings too. I'm very interetested in expanding my business into wedding photography, so if you know anyone looking for a relaxed and affordable photographer, have them give me a shout.

Anyway... moving on to the photos. This family was great fun to spend some time with. They're old friends of mine and it's always nice to have such a relaxing session where I'm not struggling to remember everybody's names. I wish name recall was one of my strengths, but it just isn't. Sorry to all of my clients who have experienced this failing of mine first hand!

While I do not pride myself on having a good memory, I do pride myself on seeing kids with a mother's eyes and capturing their true spirit with my photography. I love to help children feel comfortable in front of my camera so they can get busy with just being themselves. Most parents flatter me after a session by telling me that their kids chattered excitedly about me after I left. I love knowing I've connected in a way that was meaningful to my clients, especially with the littlest ones who are often afraid of strangers with big black clicking boxes in front of their face. As much as I love hearing that kids ask about me after the shoot, my favourite feedback by far is when a mom tells me what Ginger did... she said that the first set of pictures below are the pure essence of her son.

I can't think of a higher compliment for what I do. So, thanks Daryn and Ginger. It was a pleasure working with you and your family. I can't wait to capture more wonderful memories with you in the future!

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Irene said...

Beautiful pictures as usual!!!! I love the one of the mom, dad and little girl. Perfection!!!! And the first two. And the one with the crab...oh I could go on and on!