May 10, 2010

sweetness, happiness & little [canadian] pride

When the maternity photo session went so well, I knew the newborn session with this terrific family would be a breeze. And I was right. This darling little girl was calm and sleepy the entire session. What more could I ask for? Oh, and she also happened to be gorgeous!

Sweetest newborn baby ever, happiest parents ever and a little Canadian pride ahead...

This session was shot back in February, during the peak of the Olympics, so it was only fitting to wear a little Canadian pride... Go Canada!

May 1, 2010

it was really, really cold hence the giant [puffy] coat

I'm determined to catch up on my blog posts this week, so if you see an unusual flurry of posts today and tomorrow, don't be surprised. Just be sure to keep scolling down so you don't miss anything!

This session was especially fun for me. Nicole was beaming and thrilled to be pregnant and Alan couldn't have looked at her more adoringly. What a lucky baby to have two parents (and an auntie in a giant puffy coat) who already love her so much. (Yes, her, because these photos were shot way back in freezing December and I have already shot the newborn photos of their gorgeous baby girl).

Nicole and Alan, I had such a great time with you taking these photos and I'm incredibly thrilled at the arrival of your sweet and healthy baby girl. I can't wait to see you again soon!

brooke + hunter [engaged]

Don't miss a new post over at my wedding blog www.carolynegerszegi.com.

the bluest [eyes]

It's not often I post only one or two photos, but I think I've exploited my good friend Diana's gorgeous kids enough. Check them out HERE HERE and HERE. However, I just had to share this one because I just love a good mama-baby snuggle, especially when it features a child with the most stunning blue eyes ever...

[darling] little boy

Another post in a flurry of blog posts today. This session was taken way back in December and oh my gravy it was cold that day, but this sweet little guy braved the freezing temperatures like a trooper. (Although I can't say the same about how I braved the suspension bridge at Lynn Canyon. The height and the swinging combined with a little slippery frost on the bridge had me shaking in my boots!)

Thanks for the fun day Lisa and Simon. I just loved your son. What a darling little boy!

Can I just say I LOVE this book The Snail and the Whale? If you've never read it to your little one... run out and get it! (In fact, all of Julia Donaldson's books are terrific. I especially love Charlie Cook's Favourite Book.)

they [grow] so fast

I just love it when I work with clients for a second (or third or fourth) time. It so delightful to watch kids grow. When I arrived for this portrait session, I couldn't believe how much their little girl had grown. The last time I saw her she was the tiniest of newborns and now she's a sweet, sitting, smiling baby girl. And their little boy - how he has grown as well. I especially loved how adoring he was of his little sister. I had no troubles getting him to give her a hug or a snuggle. What a great family!