April 6, 2009

pretty in [pink]

I'm so excited that Spring is finally here! I walked outside yesterday and it was a actually warm for a change. What a treat to enjoy some fresh air in my lungs and some sunshine on my face. Whoo hoo!

A little nice weather doesn't hurt the photography either. As you can see from this family, they also loved the opportunity to get outside for a photo session. Aren't these two girls bright and fun in their pink jackets? (Of course I threw in some black & whites to show off their gorgeous faces too!) We had a great time racing around the playground and throwing rocks in a nearby river. I just love all the tall thin trees with the sunshine peeking through. It still looks like winter, but soon those trees will be filled with leaves because Spring is finally here. Whoo hoo! (Can you tell I'm excited??)

Bonnie and Frank, thank you for the great day with your lovely girls.

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Jenty said...

Oh wow, I love the whole set!