March 28, 2009

[sweet] spot

This session was an absolute delight although it didn't actually happen as planned. My client, Dana, and I had scheduled a terrific shoot outdoors at Granville Island where we had hoped for family portraits involving colourful buildings, picturesque marinas and scenic backdrops. The weather, however, had other plans for us. As I set out the door to meet Dana and her family at Granville Island it started to snow and by the time I reached the Lions Gate Bridge, the weather had turned to hideous sleet with ominous grey skies. A change of plans was necessary. I knew Dana and her husband were disappointed that we wouldn't be shooting outdoors, but more importantly, I knew they were worried there wouldn't be enough light in their house for me to shoot with.

(I think a couple of posts in which I'd I gushed about loads of lovely natural light - HERE and HERE - had made her worried I would have nothing to work with.)

Well, it turned out Dana had nothing to worry about because people always have more light in their homes than they think they do. It really only takes one great window or door to make for some terrific photos. I ended up finding the sweet spot in her house - a set of south facing doors in the kitchen - that made for gorgeous Goldilocks light. Not too much, not too little... juuuussst right! What a gorgeous family!

Thanks for the terrific time gang... and as your "Official Family Photographer" I can't wait to work with you again!

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cheryl said...

Gorgeous photos. We are friends of Dana and Marc's and you captured them perfectly. We're going to call you! Thanks for the lovely blog. Cheryl