April 9, 2009

nothing short of [wonderful]

This day was nothing short of wonderful.

I must admit I was excited about this session from the minute we booked it because my "client", Stacy, is an old friend. She's a gorgeous, fun girl and I knew the familiarity I had with Stacy would really translate into the photos, but what I wasn't expecting was for Stacy's family to be as much fun as she is! It just so happened that we scheduled our session for a weekend when Stacy's whole family was in town for her dad's birthday, which was perfect because they are an incredible bunch of people. I don't think I have even one photo of Stacy's mom when she is not laughing or smiling or hugging someone. Everyone was so full of love and joy that I was incredibly inspired to look through the lens that day.

Have a peak at the photos and I think you'll see what I mean...

Thank you Stacy & Kevin!! What an amazing family you have.

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Jenty said...

What absolutely beautiful photos!