November 15, 2008

love those [hugs & kisses]

I have to admit I was a bit nervous about this shoot. With four kids all under the age of five on a rainy November day, how would I inspire some great portraits and capture some wonderful moments while confined inside?

Well, it turns out that I didn't need to be worried at all. With four kids all under the age of five on a rainy November day - even when confined inside - all I had to do was wait for the fun to happen and pray that I was fast enough with my camera to catch all the action.

What a terrific bunch of kids these are. Mom and Dad played lots of great music to get the kids dancing, singing and having a blast. We also jumped on the bed, had a snack and, when the stars aligned, managed to capture a few nice family portraits. It was crazy, but fun.

The entire time I was there I marvelled at Mom and Dad's energy and wondered what fueled them; what gave them the energy to parent four children with such love and enthusiasm? And just as I was leaving I got my answer... when all of the kids insisted on showering me in hugs and kisses before I could leave. Melt. My. Heart. It was wonderful!!

Thank you Jackie and Warren for inviting me into your home. I can't wait to work with your amazing family again.


Jenty said...

Very well done! I love the bed photos. What lighting did you use?

Irene said...

Yes, gorgeous! Your photos are just amazing!! And, yes, what was your lighting? Indoors and rainy? I would think the natural light would be minimal, yet these shots are look so perfectly natural!!

Seems like things are continuing to go well with you! Talk to you soon!