November 7, 2008

prettiest princess [brooklyn]

I love the idea of hiring a photographer for a children's birthday party. It may seem extravagant, but birthdays are such incredibly special occasions in a child's life and yet how many times do parents whirl through the hustle and bustle of hosting a fabulous party, only to realize they didn't even have the chance to pick up their camera?

I know exactly what it's like. I'm a photographer and yet if it wasn't for my brother - who is also an avid photographer - I probably wouldn't have photos from any of my daughter's first three birthdays. Special occasions are the perfect time to capture great memories with photography. You're already dressed up, having fun and celebrating with friends so why not get someone else to tell the story while you're busy enjoying life?

This is why I was so pleased when Brooklyn's mom hired me to take photos at her daughter's third birthday party. What a fun day full of giggling kids we had. The birthday girl was the prettiest princess I have ever seen and all of the details were perfect. A fluffy tiara, lots of balloons and yummy pink icing cupcakes (I had one, they were delicious!)

Thanks for the great day Judie and Brian... and just look at how sweet your little birthday girl is:

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Jenty said...

What lovely photos! I love the idea of a photographer at my kids parties.