March 21, 2009

capturing [memories]

Whoa. I am WAY behind on my posting. Spring Break threw me for a loop this week with our daughter not in preschool and I didn't have nearly as much "uninterrupted" time to get my photography work done... so just a quick post.

I know I say this every week, but here is yet another terrific family. I love watching families interact together. There is always so much love for one another and I especially enjoy catching the glances of proud parents when they see their kids the way I do with my camera... beautiful, sweet, silly, charming, intelligent and, well, perfect. It's such an honour to capture memories with all of the families I work with.

Thanks for the great morning Jayne and Hamish!


aims said...

You just find the most photogenic people! Your photos are very precious indeed.

Jan the crazy lady said...

Everyone you do has this certain yumminess to them. I bet it is all in the way you capture them or you have a way of drawing these lovely families your way.

Just perfect.