July 30, 2008

divine [diana] & gorgeous [george]

I had such a great day photographing my friend Diana's beautiful big belly and her adorable son George. I can't believe Diana is due in only a couple of weeks. I wish I'd looked this amazing so far along in my pregnancy! And can you get over how incredibly blue George's eyes are? What a sweet little guy. I can't wait to take more photos when the adorable little baby arrives. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to take pictures Diana.

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Corey~living and loving said...

oooo girl....you have found one of my greatest loves.....Maternity photography. Isn't it the most fun thing ever. I wish I knew anothing pregnant mama. I sooooooo need to make new friends. everyone I know has already had all their children. sigh....
I am envious of the fun you are having. You got some really fun shots here. My fav is the close up one on the swing. love the red undies. LOL