May 1, 2010

it was really, really cold hence the giant [puffy] coat

I'm determined to catch up on my blog posts this week, so if you see an unusual flurry of posts today and tomorrow, don't be surprised. Just be sure to keep scolling down so you don't miss anything!

This session was especially fun for me. Nicole was beaming and thrilled to be pregnant and Alan couldn't have looked at her more adoringly. What a lucky baby to have two parents (and an auntie in a giant puffy coat) who already love her so much. (Yes, her, because these photos were shot way back in freezing December and I have already shot the newborn photos of their gorgeous baby girl).

Nicole and Alan, I had such a great time with you taking these photos and I'm incredibly thrilled at the arrival of your sweet and healthy baby girl. I can't wait to see you again soon!

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