January 4, 2010

itty bitty [details]

"Babies are bits of stardust, blown from the hand of God." - Barretto

Aren't newborn babies the sweetest, most wonderful little beings on the planet? For me, it's the itty bitty details that create the most stirring memories. The top of their head, their soft little ears, the tiny little fingernails and the perfect tiny little toes. I'm always so grateful to be welcomed into a home to capture these precious memories and delightful details with my photography.

I know this session was a while ago now, but thank you Kerri and Steve for a wonderful afternoon with your beautiful baby girl. It sure would be nice to have that sweltering heat back now that it's a cold January day!


ashley said...

Great job on the details here. That last image is absolutely to die for gorgeous!

Michelle said...

Aww! SO cute! I just became an aunt, and I want to take some pictures like these of my new niece! I really need to find really good light like you did!