January 15, 2010

balloons [wonk wonk wonk]

For the longest time I have been wanting to do a family session involving balloons, so when my friend Jen and I set up a time to do some family photos I immediately thought they'd be game for a balloon adventure. I was pretty excited about doing some fun things with them and did all the pre-session investigative work on shooting with balloons. I analyzed (read: agonized over) colour choices, balloon size and balloon quantities. I even contemplated the length of the strings. I spent way. too. much. time. in the balloon store waffling over translucent vs. opaque vs. matte vs. glossy balloons (I think I made the poor lady in the store a little crazy) and after much indecision and consideration I finally left the balloon store with more balloons than I needed. I planned for popped balloons from accidental car door incidents, I planned for popped balloons due to random and unexpected sharp objects, I planned for popped balloons due to overheating in the hot, hot sun and I planned for popped balloons from over-playful kids.

My balloon shoot was finally going to happen and it was going to be great.

(Record scratch.)

Something I hadn't planned for?


Yes. Wind.

Long story short, we took about five photos with the balloons before they needed to go back into the car a tangled mess. It was so windy that day it's a miracle I even got one shot with the balloons floating straight up in the air. In all of the other shots the balloons were heading in four different directions with at least one blocking someone's face in each shot. Needless to say, it didn't exactly work out with the balloons, but we still had a great time anyway. I'm sure I'll get my chance with balloons again. Anyone game? Call me to book a session!

In the meantime, please enjoy the photos below of a terrific family who I adore, including two whole shots involving balloons. Hooray!

Jen and John, thanks for the fun day. You and your kids are awesome! xo c

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