July 6, 2009

great [idea]

Yowzers! Have I ever been busy. I sometimes wonder if people think I'm not posting on my blog because I have no clients, but it's just the opposite. I am incredibly busy and looking forward to a little break from sessions in August so I can catch up on all my work. Don't get me wrong... I LOVE working with families and creating great photos, but I think by August I'll be ready for a little vacation.

Before I get on with some fun photos of yet another awesome family, I'm must tell you about a wedding I shot this weekend. It was a gorgeous event and I had an amazing time capturing all the beautiful moments of the day. The groom absolutely gushed all day about how beautiful his bride was, and he was right, Jennifer looked stunning. It was an event filled with love and close family and friends laughing and having a wonderful time. Hopefully I'll have some photos ready to post in the next week or so, but until I do, please go visit my friend Buzz HERE and wish him congratulations!

Now for the photos... here's another awesome family session I did back in May that I'm finally posting now.

I love clients who suggest great ideas for photos. I always bring ideas with me, but it's especially fun when a client suggests something that I might not have thought of. This is a perfect example... I LOVE this first shot of dad jumping over his son, but I would never have suggested it because I didn't know dad could jump so high. But he can! And he did! And I was more than happy to take the picture.

Thanks to Karen and Weilly for the great day at Queen E with your terrific family.


leslie biggar said...

very cute! my fav is the one where they are all hanging out laying on the grass :)

Irene Frankhouse said...

Wonderful Shots!!