December 4, 2008

[snow] day

My friend Buzz has asked me to photograph his wedding next summer. This is very exciting (and a little scary) for me because I've never photographed a wedding before. I'm incredibly lucky though because Buzz and his fiancée*, Jen, are totally laid back and trust that I'll really put my heart into their photos and make sure the story of their marriage celebration is told beautifully through my photography. I can't wait to have fun with them on their big day. It's sure to be a terrific family celebration, which is perfect really because families are right up my photographic alley so-to-speak.

When Buzz first asked me to shoot his wedding, we thought it might be a good idea to do a practice shoot just to see how well we all got along with a camera between us.

For this, we decided on a family Christmas portrait and drove up one of the local mountains in search of some snow to help with the Christmas vibe. To our surprise, we actually found some of the cold white wonderfulness. I was particularly shocked by the snow and had arrived incredibly unprepared in running sneakers instead of snow boots. How embarrassing. We all got quite cold quite quickly (especially their adorable son, Z) but still managed to squeak in a bunch of fun shots before everybody turned into a popsicle!

Needless to say, the wedding next summer will not require snow gear so we should be in good shape for more great photos.

Thanks for choosing me Buzz and Jen. I look forward to seeing you again soon to plan out your wonderful wedding celebration. You both have terrific taste, so I know it will be an amazing day. Can't wait!

* did you know that your fiancé is the man you plan to marry, while your fiancée is the woman you plan to marry?

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Chris+Lynn said...

So much fun! love how you perfectly captured their energy and fun-loving happiness :)