June 5, 2008

dashing [rhoan]

Rhoan is such a handsome little lad that it was impossible not to capture some great shots of him at his birthday. I just loved everything about this day: the wonderful guests, the awesome hosts (thanks Kerri and Peter), the fun painting activity, the yummy cake and of course, the delightful birthday boy. Fun was had by all!

Here's what Rhoan's mom had to say about my work:

"Our son's first birthday was a blur to me. I have so few photos because I was too preoccupied with being a good host to take any. I vowed that his second birthday would be different. I wanted him to have great photos to remember the importance his family and friends placed on his big day. If left on my own, it would have been a repeat of the previous year because, I was just as busy entertaining on his second birthday. Thanks ever so much to Carolyn and her candid, natural and beautiful shots of our birthday boy and all of our guests. I now have a visual story to tell my son in years to come. We also have gorgeous photos for framing and gifts. I love to look at those photos often and remind myself of a happy day for our family."

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