June 29, 2011

introducing [www.carolynegerszegi.com]

This is an exciting day for me! After a lot of hard work, time and energy, I am thrilled to introduce my new website to you at www.carolynegerszegi.com.

I have been building this website for a very long time and feel quite proud of what I have accomplished! I did all of the design and site building myself, with little help from Showit software. Not bad, eh?

Please click www.carolynegerszegi.com to visit my new site:

And now that I have added another layer to my online presence, perhaps it would be handy to know all of the places where you can find me on the internet:

Spilled Milk Photography blog - postings and photos from my portrait sessions with families, children, newborns and expectant moms.

Carolyn Egerszegi Photography blog - postings and photos about weddings and engagement sessions.

Carolyn Egerszegi Photography website - portrait, engagement and wedding galleries, rate information, an interview with me, contact and personal information - including childhood and recent photos of me - and perhaps even a few golden eggs... if you're keen enough to find them!

Facebook - updates and galleries from my most recent work. It's also a great place to engage in casual conversation with me. Be sure to click "Like" to stay up-to-date on what I am doing with my business.

Pinterest - the visual contents of my brain. Other than my website, Pinterest is probably the best place to look if you want to know more about the things I am interested in and the images that I love.

Twitter @cegerszegi - the verbal contents of my brain. Which, is surprisingly empty. I tweet maybe once a day (at best) because on Twitter I am really more interested in listening than being heard. Of course, if you want to know some of my most random thoughts throughout the day, please feel free to follow me!

Don't forget to update all of your bookmarks... and thanks for visiting!

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