August 8, 2010

the power of [bubbles]

Another quick post while I'm on holidays in Hungary. We're heading to the cottage tonight where there is very limited internet access, so I will not be replying to emails with any frequency. Plus, I'm going to try something new and set up my blog to "auto post" a bunch of photos every other day or so. I probably won't be checking it, so if you notice anything strange in my posting then please send me an email to let me know?! Thanks!

Now, for more photos. I just love the power of bubbles! When it comes to children, nothing will make them light up faster than some wonderful bubbles floating and popping and swirling above a open field of green, green grass. Oh, and I love the artwork behind the two boys in the first couple of shots. Isn't it great? Give me a room with colourful art on the wall and you can be certain I'll put someone in front of it for a portrait... or two...

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