February 26, 2009

i love [light]

What can I say? This session was wonderful! I spent the morning with yet-again another amazing family. Buena Vista Social Club was playing in the background which really set the tone. (It also didn't hurt that the home was stylish, the day was bright with gorgeous light and the family was beautiful!) I had such a terrific time.

I really can't wait for more great sessions moving into Spring when I can just focus on having fun and capturing beautiful images instead of worrying about finding good light. I love working with natural light. It makes everyone's complexion look so smooth and creamy and as the days get longer and brighter I'm so excited to have more and more light to work with. (Although as I type this it's snowing outside! Eeeek.)

Thanks for the great day Amy and Grant. I loved working with you and your awesome kids!

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aims said...

How wonderful that you have found this! Happy for you girl! This obviously makes you very happy!